Ohio University Student Resolution 0203-53

 Dysart Woods


 Whereas:            Dysart Woods is among the last .004 percent of ancient forest left in Ohio, and Whereas:            Dysart Woods is a National Natural Landmark, and

Whereas:            Dysart Woods is owned by Ohio University, and

Whereas:            the Ohio Valley Coal Company has a pending permit, D-0360-12, before the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources to mine for coal directly underneath Dysart Woods, and this mining would cause the dewatering and subsidence toppling of trees in Dysart Woods, and

Whereas:            thousands of Ohio University Students have signed petitions against this mining, and have presented them to Ohio University and the

Whereas:            Ohio Division of Natural Resources, and Ohio University officials requested this buffer zone be protected from 1970 to 1997, and

Whereas:            Ohio University scientists have requested the protection of the full 4,170 acre watershed buffer zone from all types of mining, and

Whereas:            the Ohio Division of Natural Resources requested that the watershed buffer zone be protected in 1988, therefore be it

Resolved:  that the Ohio University Student Senate requests Ohio University's administration to urge the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources to protect the full watershed buffer zone of Dysart Woods from mining and thus oppose Ohio Valley Coal Company permit D.0360- 12, and further be it

Resolved:  that the Ohio University Student Senate supports the current efforts of Ohio University in hiring an attorney to take 1egal action in defense of Dysart Woods, and further be it

Resolved:    that the Ohio University Student Senate requests the continuation of these legal services, and others if necessary, until the time when Dysart Woods is fully and unquestionably relieved of the threat of underground mining, and further be it

Resolved:   that the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources deny permit D-0360-12 based on the priceless value of Dysart Woods and the potential for harm, and further be it

Resolved:  that copies of this resolution and a letter of explanation be sent to, but not limited to Dr. Robert Glidden, President of Ohio University; Each member of the Ohio University Board of Trustees; Dr. Alan Geiger, Secretary of the Board of Trustees; John Burns, Director of the Ohio University Legal Affairs Office; Gary North, Vice President of Administration; Robert Taft, Governor of the state of Ohio; Ted Strickland, representative to the United States Congress; Michael DeWine, United States Senator; George Voinovich, United States Senator; the Ohio Department of Natural Resources; the Ohio Department of Mineral Resources; the Department of t he Interior; the Office of Surface Mining; the National Park Service; and Shostak Law Office.


              Sponsors:        Ms. Tiffanee VanCuren

                            Senator for East Green

                             Mr. John Daft

Senator for City and County Affairs

                             Ms. Marisa Long Senator At-Large