The POST  February 27, 2003

Senate passes second resolution supporting woods

by Suzanne Wilder
Campus Senior Writer

Ohio University Student Senators voiced concern for the region's natural resources at their meeting last night.

Senators unanimously adopted a resolution supporting continued defense of Dysart Woods. The resolution stated support for OU's legal actions and also urged the Ohio Division of Natural resources to deny a mining permit submitted by the Ohio Valley Coal Company.

OU owns Dysart Woods but does not own the mineral rights for the land under the woods. University administrators have hired an attorney to prepare for legal action if the permit is approved.

Senators and students who attended the meeting stressed the importance of preserving the woods as an important natural resource.

Chad Kister, coordinator for Dysart Defenders, said "OU has not done nearly enough" to protect the woods, which are among the last .004 percent of ancient forest left in Ohio.

"OU has continually supported the preservation of this area," said Senator-at-large Marisa Long. She said supporting Dysart Woods and the resolution was important to students.