Latest News April 10, 2002

New Permits would undermine Dysart Woods watershed

While Ohio Valley Coal Company already has an approved permit to mine under Dysart Woods, which has been appealed, a pending permit to mine most of Dysart Woods numerous mining permits around Dysart Woods, Ohio Valley Coal Company has a permit for yet another mine just upstream of Dysart Woods, permit D-0360-13.

Meanwhile, Dysart Defenders has appealed permit D-0360-9 that would allow mining underneath Dysart Woods. That permit was passed by the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources last fall. Permit D-0360-12 was filed last November to mine near the entire Dysart Woods area, including much of the old growth forest area. Now, the -13 permit finishes it up for the most part, for the complete undermining of Dysart Woods.

These permits would be disastrous for Dysart Woods. This would cause massive destruction of this extremely rare ancient forest. We have already lost 99.996 percent of our ancient forest. It is unconscionable that the state of Ohio and Ohio Valley Coal want to destroy this remnant old-growth forest.

A hearing for the -9 appeal is scheduled for April 16 in Building H, second floor of the Ohio Division of Natural Resources building complex, 1855 Fountain Square Court, Columbus, Ohio at 2 p.m. in the conference room.

Dysart Defenders is organizing a petition drive and letter-writing campaign to stop both the -12 and -13 permits. Dysart Defenders has formerly requested a public hearing for the -13 permit. The -12 permit has not yet been deemed complete by the Ohio Division of Mines and Reclamations, and a public hearing cannot be requested until that has occurred.

Much more information is at Dysart Defenders encourages people to donate to help in this legal and political struggle to save our rare ancient forest. Checks can be made to Dysart Defenders and sent to P.O. Box 31; Athens, OH 45701.

Dysart Defenders is also organizing a slide show tour of Ohio with public speakers Chad Kister from Athens and Mark Spring from Toledo. People interested in hosting a slide show can contact Kister at (740) 594-7287 or

A Dysart Defenders injunction hearing for the -9 permit appeal that was scheduled February 6 was canceled after OVCC agreed to not mine in that area for at least a year and a half, giving time for the appeal to proceed. If, however, OVCC reconsiders mining that area, Dysart Defenders will again request an injunction.